Tri-Pump employees were recognized for their dedication at our annual Tri-Pump Group Conference held in Johannesburg from 30 March to 1 April 2022. 

The three-day event was held in Johannesburg and included presentations on past success, challenges and the business strategy going forward, country specific presentations, sales discussions, and a prize giving ceremony.

Jannie Rossouw, Group Marketing Director, explained that the Tri-Pump Group Conference provided a valuable opportunity for the Senior Tri-Pump management team to engage. “The event also provided us with the opportunity to recognise employees. The awards that were handed out for the first time ever, were our way of saying thank you to the dynamic and hardworking employees who make a difference for our clients through their professionalism, commitment to excellence and diligence.”

Six individual employees were recognised for their contribution to Tri-Pump’s success and one Country was awarded the distinction of being awarded Office of the Year. The recipients for 2021 were:

  • Tri-Pump DRC Office: Office of the Year Award – 2021
  • Frank Kabaso: Employee of the Year 2021 – Zambia
  • Christiana Pankah: Employee of the Year 2021 – Ghana
  • Gilbert Mwenya: Employee of the Year 2021 – Tanzania
  • Herman van Rooyen: Employee of the Year 2021 – South Africa
  • Terrance Sifiso Msimango: Employee of the Year 2021 – DRC
  • Ken Morison: Best Manager of the Year 2021

All the trophies awarded are “floating trophies” and each year, the “new recipients’’ names will be engraved creating a long legacy of performance excellence within the company. Each individual recipient also received a certificate.

The next Tri-Pump Group Conference is planned to take place in March 2023.