Raising the spirits and some employees’ heart rate, Tri-Pump in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) launched a soccer team to take on other local sides.

The soccer team was formed in 2017 among the workforce at central workshops at the Kamoto Copper Company (KCC), where they competed in the mining league in Kolwezi. The team relocated to Likasi at the end of the contract.

The team has produced a mixed bag of results against sides made up of government institutions and other local businesses in Likasi.

They play a match every month, depending on the work schedules. The team claimed a 3-2 victory over the Institut National de Préparation Professionnelle (INPP) in their last match of 2020. The Tri-Pump team could not replicate that form in the most recent tussle against the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) side suffering a 4-3 defeat.

While the players run onto the pitch with a competitive mindset, the matches serve as an escape from the grind and the realities such as the COVID-19 pandemic. More importantly, it is an incentive for the workforce to stay fit and healthy and build a sense of camaraderie.

“The Tri-Pump team embody the spirit of ‘work hard, play hard’ taking the same dedication and drive from the workplace onto the pitch,” said De Wet Du Plessis, Sales Manager.

“We encourage our workforce to strike a healthy balance between work and play to not only minimise the risk of burnout but to ensure their fitness but build team spirit.”

Tri-Pump supplies global pump brands and offers solutions to the African mining and construction industries since 1996 with a footprint in Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa and the DRC.