Tri-Pump recently joined forces with industry giant Metso to reshape the mining and industrial sectors in terms of innovation and sustainability across key African regions, including Zambia, Ghana, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

While the partnership with Metso is not exclusive, its strategic importance is undeniable. Serving as a local conduit between Metso and customers, Tri-Pump guarantees swift responses to needs and a robust on-the-ground support system, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction.

“Tri-Pump will only partner with suppliers that have the  same ethics and credibility than what we have and due to our lack of a high performance slurry pump in our range we decided to partner with Metso that suits all the criteria.” says Tri-Pump Chairman, Hennie Vermeulen.

Francois van Tonder, Metso’s Marketing Director, emphasised the steadfast commitment to maintaining superior service standards. Metso remains an active partner, extending technical support and fostering seamless communication. By simultaneously nurturing customer relationships and reinforcing support mechanisms, the partnership ensures the continual delivery of top-tier service, fully aligned with Metso’s intrinsic ethos.

“Tri-Pump is our partner in ensuring that distributor service standards are met. We provide much needed support in terms of Technical Support. If they have any need for support, we are just a call away. In fact, we have appointed someone from Metso that is dedicated to them to provide support. We still maintain the relationship with the end customers and make sure that the customers are happy. We have not left them by themself and that is the other way of ensuring that we keep up to the standards.” says Van Tonder.

Both parties illuminated the alignment between the partnership and Metso’s overarching African business strategy. Focused on growth areas such as Zambia’s Copperbelt and West Africa’s Gold Belt, the partnership is strategically positioned to harness burgeoning opportunities in these regions.

While maintaining confidentiality, both Tri-Pump and Metso indicated that the partnership has yielded tangible results in significant projects, including supply to a prominent copper mine in the DRC. This commendable success substantiates the partnership’s potential and the inherent value it brings to the industry.

Looking forward, both parties adopt a balanced approach to expansion. While concentrating on Zambia, Ghana, and the DRC, they remain receptive to future growth opportunities guided by market trends and evolving customer needs.

Metso’s distinctive edge lies in innovation, planet-positive products and unique hydraulic designs, supported by a team of experts. The integration of digital solutions further amplifies the value proposition, culminating in heightened production efficiency and enhanced return of investment for clients.

In essence, the partnership between Tri-Pump and Metso transcends mere business collaboration; it encompasses expertise, innovation, and an unwavering customer-centric approach. With Tri-Pump’s regional proficiency seamlessly melding with Metso’s technological excellence, this partnership is primed to reshape and elevate the African mining and industrial sectors to uncharted heights.