A simple, robust IoT system to monitor your pump and sealing systems to maintain uptime!


Easy Monitoring

Chesterton, leader in equipment sealing and reliability, introduces the latest innovation in terms of connected devices. Chesterton Connect™ is an easy-to-install Acquisition System associated with an Application which allows the user to increase the reliability of rotating equipment. Chesterton Connect™ records data 24/7 with a rolling history of 30 days. Four sensors allow the user to safely monitor his equipment, both directly in the process, thanks to the pressure / temperature sensors installed on the mechanical seal, and at the equipment, thanks to the  vibrations / temperature sensors integrated into its housing.


User friendly

Chesterton Connect combines 4 sensors in a unique device which transmits via Bluetooth to a mobile application (installed on a tablet or mobile phone). All data collected by the application can be easily exported for analysis, to help the user understandanding the operation of the equipment, and thus take preventive measures to extend the MTBR (mean time between repairs). Thanks to the application (downloadable for free from the Apple Store or Google Play Store) the user can set the thresholds ​​for the different measurements. A large in-unit’s multicolored LED display system alerts the user in case of measures exceeding limits.


“Chesterton Connect™ records, transmits and monitors the proper functioning of the equipment. This gives operators time to make the necessary adjustments to the pumps, thereby avoiding costly unexpected downtime,” said Steve Bullen, product manager for the Chesterton line of mechanical seal products.


Application : Chesterton Connect can be used on all rotary equipment such as pumps, mixers, reducers, motors and fans.


Application on Apple Store:https://apps.apple.com/ng/app/chesterton-connect/id1483067357

Application on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chesterton.iiot